BOO on the BRICKS 2022

Downtown Wills Point, Texas

October 29, 2022 – 9am to 3pm





The Wills Point Chamber of Commerce has established rules for Boo on the Bricks vendors to allow for a safe and attractive environment for the public’s experience. The rules and regulations are intended to provide a quality and safe event for vendors and the public.

INTERPRETATION AND VIOLATION OF RULES: The Wills Point Chamber of Commerce reserves the final and   absolute right to interpret these rules and determine all matters, questions and differences in regard to or otherwise arising out of or connected with these rules. The Wills Point Chamber of Commerce also reserves the right to amend or add to these rules as its judgment may determine. Any vendor who violates any of the rules will forfeit all privileges and be subject to penalty as the Executive Board may order. The Wills Point Chamber of Commerce shall have the further right to delegate any or all of the rights, authorities and responsibilities which it has under these rules to others as it deems appropriate.

APPLICATION: The application form is available for download at or by emailing The application deadline is Friday, October 14, 2022. Applications must be submitted to Wills Point Chamber of Commerce, Attention: Boo on the Bricks, PO Box 178, Wills Point, TX 75169. Vendors will not be considered without a completed and signed application, deposit and photos of your booth/trailer. Any applications received after Friday, October 14, 2022 will incur a $10 late fee. Cancellations made  after midnight on Friday, October 14th are non-refundable.

PHOTO AND MEASUREMENTS OF BOOTH/TRAILER REQUIREMENT: Each vendor must provide exact measurements and a photo of the booth/trailer they intend to bring to the event. Photo must be included in the application. If the booth/trailer does not represent the submitted measurements and photo, then the Wills Point Chamber of Commerce has the right to collect additional fees and/or remove the booth/trailer from the premises and any payments made to the Wills Point Chamber of Commerce will be forfeited.

ALLOWED MERCHANDISE: All items to be sold or displayed must be listed on the application when submitted to the Wills Point Chamber of Commerce. The Wills Point Chamber of Commerce will review the list and reserves the right to remove any items that do not comply with event rules and regulations.

PROHIBITED ITEMS: No weapons of any sort, illegal substances, bicycles, motorized bicycles, skateboards, hoverboards, or roller skates are allowed within the event area.

OFFENSIVE ITEMS: The Wills Point Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to prohibit the sale, rental or display of any items that it deems objectionable from the standpoint of taste, quality or compatibility with the Boo on the Bricks mission. Some items that will not be considered for sale, give away or rental include but are not limited to: garage/rummage sale merchandise, weapons of any kind, lasers, products made from any endangered animals, items with obscene or foul language, pornographic or drug related items. The Wills Point Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to approve and/or disapprove the sale of any item that might be offensive or unsafe towards event goers.

SPACE ASSIGNMENTS:  The Wills Point Chamber of Commerce will accept requests for specific spaces but  final arrangement is at the discretion of the Wills Point Chamber of Commerce. Spaces will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. The Wills Point Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to rearrange, relocate or assign any exhibit if it appears for the good of all exhibits.

EXHIBITION AREA: Vendor displays shall be constructed, decorated, and maintained in a professional manner. Vendor agrees NOT TO PLACE ANY ITEM OR MERCHANDISE OUTSIDE THE DESIGNATED BOOTH AREA. No vendor shall obstruct the view of an exhibit in an adjoining vendor’s assigned area.

BOOTH STAFFING REQUIREMENTS: It is the responsibility of the event vendor to ensure that their booth is staffed at all times during the show’s hours of operation. Booths that do not comply will not be allowed back for future shows. It is also the vendor’s responsibility to make sure that all employees are familiar with the Rules and Regulations, knowledgeable about the products or services sold in the booth, appropriate in appearance, and  courteous to all show visitors, exhibitors and staff.

REFUNDS/CANCELLATIONS: There will be no refunds issued after October 14, 2022. In the event that Boo on the Bricks is cancelled because of weather or disaster, money paid to the Wills Point Chamber of Commerce is non-refundable.

TAXES: Vendors are responsible for displaying their Texas Sales Tax Permit and collecting sales tax on items sold. All sales tax, income taxes, FICA or other withholding taxes arising out of or in connection with the vendor’s use of exhibit/booth space is the sole responsibility of the vendor. Texas Sales Tax Permits may be obtained at          

ADVERTISING: In order to retain consistency and fairness, vendors are not allowed to advertise or promote their products in Boo on the Bricks locations other than the ones designated within the agreement and all business dealings are conducted within the space designated within the agreement. No shouting, sound systems, musical instruments, noisemakers, loudspeakers, microphones or other sound amplification or broadcasting devices of any kind may be used to attract visitors to your booth. General distribution of brochures, pamphlets, leaflets, flyers, newspapers, or other literature or promotional material must be pre-approved by the show organizer and then may be made available with the exhibit/booth space only.

 USE OF EXHIBIT SPACE:  Exhibit spaces may not be used for political purposes. Solicitation of funds for any political, educational or charitable corporation or association or any other corporation, associations, group, individual or cause of any kind of character is strictly prohibited unless approved by the show organizer in advance.

ALCOHOL: Absolutely NO alcoholic beverages may be distributed to anyone for any reason, through either sale or donation, without the prior written approval of the Wills Point Chamber of Commerce. Please observe the following approval process:

  1. Notify the Wills Point Chamber of Commerce IN WRITING of intent to sell alcohol and seeking permission to do so.
  2. The Wills Point Chamber of Commerce will notify vendor of approval or denial IN WRITING.
  3. If approved, vendor is responsible for obtaining all permits and complying with all requirements of the City of Wills Point and the Wills Point Chamber of Commerce. Copies of all documentation must be provided to the Wills Point Chamber of Commerce a minimum of 30 days prior to the event.

NO vendors are allowed to consume alcoholic beverages or be under the influence of alcohol while working at the event. Violators will be removed from the event and not be allowed back on the event grounds during the remaining hours of operation.

SECURITY/INSURANCE: The Wills Point Chamber of Commerce assumes no responsibility for any items during the event, any items left before or after event hours, or claims suffered by any loss or theft. Each vendor is responsible for their merchandise and equipment. In all cases, vendors wishing to insure their goods must do so at their own expense.

MISCELLANEOUS: Each vendor is responsible for providing their own tents, table(s), and chair(s). The Wills Point Chamber of Commerce is unable to provide these items. If needed, they may be rented from: U-Rent-It Sales & Service, 2280 Moore, Terrell, TX 75160, (972) 524-7368,


All vendors are required to participate in the spirit of BOO on the Bricks and Halloween by having trick-or-treat candy for the children or a fun game of some kind. Please keep that in mind as you make plans to participate.


This is NOT your Federal Tax ID Number. This is the State of Texas issued Sales Tax Number. To participate, you are required to have one, and you may find the information to obtain one from the Texas Comptroller's Office
Your signature indicates that you have read and understand the terms and conditions of the attached contract for exhibitors/vendors and that you agree to abide by those terms and conditions.