Wills Point EDC is the economic heartbeat of the community in Wills Point and Van Zandt County. Through collaborative efforts with local businesses and the support of community, Wills Point EDC communicates and educates on the economic pulse while creating opportunities for businesses to thrive in our community.


Wills Point EDC moved into the terminal building at Van Zandt County Regional Airport in November 2014.  The address is 36671 State Highway 64, Wills Point, TX  75169.


Wills Point EDC was established in April 1991 as a 4A Corporation under the Development Corporation Act of 1979.  As a 4A Corporation, the EDC receives ½% sales tax monthly from the state of Texas.  This sales tax was created for the main purpose of creating and retaining primary jobs.  We have a 5 member board that consists of Dyde Manning III-President, Jeff Aston-Vice-President, Thomas Mitchell-Secretary/Treasurer, Kenneth Byrd-Member, and Mayor Mark Turner. As we look toward the future, the EDC is determined to focus on the drivers that influence how companies will be able to best conduct business to achieve success & maximize their profits.  Our commitment to Wills Point is to deliver the factors of success that will enable our community to be competitive to ensure we attain our goals.  


How is the EDC affiliated with the City?

The EDC is a Corporation that creates its budget separate from the city based on the goals for the upcoming year. This budget, along with projects over $30,000.00, are reviewed and approved by the City Council.

How has the EDC helped Wills Point grow?

First of all, the EDC is charged with being ahead of the curve by striving to figure out the direction that will make a successful future for Wills Point. This is generally a slow process. However, when you put the right things in place, the growth eventually happens. To date, the EDC has helped to place over 300 employees in local jobs.

Does this mean it stops with the job growth?

No, this is only the beginning. We are striving to keep their money local. The businesses are paying property tax and collecting sales tax on products sold. The employees are able to live, work and play in Wills Point, allowing them to spend more time with their family.  They are also in Wills Point throughout the week to shop, eat and spend more quality time with their families. Our local retail shops and restaurants benefit from this because of sales to these local employees.

Where is EDC growth focused?

The EDC is focusing most of their efforts on increasing businesses in our Business Park, with approximately 100 remaining developable acres. In our current economic times, we are having to think beyond where we are and strive to think globally and act locally. We always speak of word of mouth. Today we are speaking of world of mouth. This is a time where social media and the Internet allow us to touch people and companies all over the globe.

A vital tool in our toolbox will be the results seen from improvements made to Van Zandt County Regional Airport.  The goal is to create jobs, strengthen our commercial base, attract new businesses and enhance the opportunities in our community, making Wills Point one of the most desirable communities in Van Zandt County. What’s more, it achieves all of this by allocating EDC sales tax funds as regulated by the State of Texas, with no monetary community investment required; only a request for community interest and support for us to continue planning for Wills Point’s economic success.

Is this stretching too far?

Not as far as we are concerned. We have got to set our sights on bringing companies from further than surrounding communities. We will be making every effort to locate companies around the nation that would be a fit in Wills Point and are willing to assist in moving or expanding their operations.

Call today to learn more about Wills Point Economic Development Corporation and Wills Point, Texas at 903-873-3381!

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